22 Animals With This Rare Genetic Abnormality Will Make You Do A Double Take

Albinism is something we tend to see a lot in rodents, like mice, rats, and guinea pigs. They’ve got white fur and red eyes — not a touch of fluffy pigment in sight. But this trait is found in tons of creatures across all different species. Scaly or furry, it’s always pretty incredible to see.

We tracked down a bunch of animals you might not have realized could be albino, and a few that you wrongly thought were — check them out!

Nope, not a cat. That’s an albino porcupine!

This sunbathing wallaby should really use some sunblock.


True fact: there are no albino horses.


Another true fact: not all all-white animals are albino.



BRITS, SOUTH AFRICA - NOVEMBER 05: *** EXCLUSIVE *** 3 month old Bianca, the white lion cub, at the Ukutula Lion Park & Lodge on November 05, 2010 in Brits, South Africa. They are some of the most endangered species in the world but one unique conservation project is taking giant strides in saving the mysterious white lion. The Ukutula Lion Park houses 15 white lions which are being used for invaluable research into the survival of the phenomenal breed. The 260 hectare park is extraordinary because it hosts a pride of brown lions capable of producing white lion cubs. Project leader Willie Jacobs has forged links with the University of Pretoria where genetic samples are provided to a team of scientists working to isolate the gene responsible for the white fur and aid their conservation in the wild. Pictured here with Willie, three month old Bianca is the latest addition to the growing white lion pride at the park. (Photo by Matthew Tabaccos / Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

This all-white octopus isn’t albino, either.


I’m wary of calling these lobsters albino, in the name of science, since they do have some pigmentation…

OWL'S HEAD, ME - SEPTEMBER 5: Two albino lobsters in Owl's Head, ME on Friday, September 5, 2014. Lobstermen Bret Philbrick and Joe Bates caught two albino lobsters within the same week off Owl's Head, ME; catching only one albino lobster is a one in 100 million chance.(Photo by Whitney Hayward/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Edgar the hedgehog, however, is truly albino.


Does clear count as albino?


This albino sugar glider is oh so sleepy.


Not sure if this is an albino softshell turtle, or the star of all my future nightmares.


Albino koalas are incredibly rare, and are also adorable nappers.


Without his signature markings, it’s hard to tell that this baby skunk is, in fact, a skunk!


Do you think this little guy gets more nuts with that ethereal glare working on his side?



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