11 Insane Things You Can Buy And Never Knew They Exist.

Lazy Glasses The perfect accessory to any mans cave. Now you can come home from a long day of work and relax in complete comfort while still being able to watch your favorite show. Lay your head down and put your feet up, because with these glasses you can see everything perfectly while laying completely flat. (Note. Tried posting links but they brake. I tried finding mix of best rated/cheapest for each item) Amazon Search ‘THG lazy glasses’

USB LED Fan This awesome little dude will keep you cool while you program. Just plug into your USB slot and the fan will display the time on a spinning LED display that doubles as a fan. Amazon Search ‘Vodcart USB Led Fan clock’


Rainbown Fire Turn your regular old campfire up a notch with these stuff. Lasts long enough to be blown away. Amazon Search ‘Mystical Fire’


Dancing Water Speakers Enjoy a mesmerizing water show to the beat of your music with these awesome Dancing Water Speakers. Simply plugin your music and the speakers will sync the water to your music. Amazon search ‘KALANDO Water Dancing Speakers’


Marble Macbook Skins Spice up your mac with these skins. They aren’t a clip on hard case but rather an vinyl sticker thats lighter and its bulky. Same starch free protection but with more style. Amazon Search ‘Dr. Case Marble (or Wood) Skin’


Nasal Dilators Nasal strips running out too fast or not strong enough? Try these reusable silicone dilators instead. They help with snoring too if you are mouth breather. Amazon search ‘Noselex nasal dilators’


Interactive Animal Laser Whether you’re just lazy or have to be out long while your cat is home, this interactive animal laser will keep your cat busy. Amazon Search ‘Petsafe Cat laser’


Remember those little fart bombs from the corner store that would inflate after you squeeze them and pop? This is like the super ultra concentrated version that lasts muuuch longer. Amazon search ‘liquid ass’


Black head remover Excessively q-tipping you ear for that organismic clean feel? You will probably like this too than. Amazon search ‘Blackhead remover mask’


Oil Diffuser + Humidifier This mighty thing is a triple combo thats a perfect night light, humidifier and oil diffuser. One drop of oil is enough to make the room smell nice. The light settings are beautiful with all the colors of the rainbow. Amazon search ‘Synthus Oil diffuser’


So you won’t f**k up your bathroom this time. amazon search ‘Aptoco Beard Catcher’

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